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Terms & Conditions
Please read VIP's Access terms and conditions which will constitute your agreement and will be the governing rules for VIP's Access Sporting Event Packages purchased. Your deposit payment for the purchased package explicitly indicates that you agreed to the terms and conditions and will be bound by it. VIP's Access and affiliate partners are solely brokers and acting as agents on your behalf for booking accommodations, services and event tickets which constitute the event package purchased. Therefor VIP's Access is not representing itself as the official representative of any event or organization for which packages we promote and sale through our website. Thus, VIP's Access shall not be explicitly or implicitly held liable for any circumstance arising behind its control prior, during or after your travel with VIPsAccess. This includes but is not limited to event cancelation, failure for timely payments, personal injury, property damage, weather, airlines issues, services or accommodations disruption and inconvenience in conjunction with the travel package purchased, accident, theft, loss of time, transportation breakdown, government action, any act of terror or God.

Hotel Accommodations
Hotels check-in is usually after 3:00 afternoon but they do their best to minimize inconvenience and store luggage's if you arrive early or need to depart a little late. As the package purchased are for high profile sporting events attracting tens of thousands of travelers, circumstances may arise where a primary booked hotel might omit mistakes, overbook rooms, lose their reservation database or wherever the case maybe. VIP's Access reserves the right to substitute the confirmed hotel with a comparable one at its own or the hotel's discretion and will make every effort to avoid inconveniencing to the traveler. Accommodations are subject to availability. All hotels require a credit card or deposit for incidental charges at time of check-in. Traveler is responsible for all incidental charges incurred in excess of those covered by the package. Incidental charges can include food, beverages, telephone use, internet use, parking fees, and other hotel charges. Names of travelers staying in the Hotel must be provided to VIP's Access 30 days prior to travel. Late name changes which occur within 30 days of the travel date will be incur an administration fee.

Event Tickets
Traveler acknowledges that VIP's Access often pays a premium to obtain tickets to sold out events in which case tickets are obtained from a variety of sources that may or may not include the official ticket box office Therefor, Traveler hereby gives permission to VIP's Access to use its best judgment and all available ticket sources to provide the purchased tickets included in the event package. VIP's Access hold itself responsible to provide the ticket(s) ordered but in case VIP's Access is unable to do so, an alternative ticket(s) will be offered to the traveler or in worst case scenario VIP's Access will reimburse the ticket(s) value of the undelivered ticket(s), an amount equal to the amount paid for the ticket(s). The ticket(s) reimbursement will constitute thereafter VIP's Access final obligation to the traveler in this matter, in respect to the non-delivery, loss or damage of the ticket(s).

Cancellations and Refunds
VIP's Access requires written cancellation notification from the traveler by email. Notifications received before final payment is due are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the deposit payments. Cancellations received after final payment is due are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of package amount. VIP's Access strongly recommend that you purchase tour cancellation insurance, as exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason whatsoever, given that these sporting events booking and arrangements are time sensitive. Any changes to traveler's booking requested more than 60 days prior to event date are subject to a $100 administration fee per change made. Any changes within 60 days of the event are subject to full cancellation charges. In which case, all issued travel documents must be returned to VIP's Access prior to any refund being issued. Refunds shall not be given for unused travel services or any portion thereof. If cancellation by traveler(s) alters the room requirements of the remaining traveler(s), traveler(s) still traveling may be required to pay a revised rate. VIP's Access regret that it cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies or for any other reason.

Airline and private jet Reservations
VIP's Access has no affiliation with any airline, any reservations done on a traveler's behalf are subject to the applicable airline rules and regulations, changes and cancellation policies. Traveler(s) is advised to contact airline customer service a day before departure and again 4 to 6 hours to re-confirm departure time. For traveler(s) charting a private jet with VIPsAccess, we will make all the necessary arrangement and keep you abreast of your flight.

Payment Rules
Deposit payment can be made via wire transfer, bank check, or credit card. All subsequent payments of $10,000 or greater must be made by wire transfer, bank check, or personal check. Credit Card payments greater than $10,000.00, are subject to a credit card processing transaction fee of 2.65%. Any late payments are subject to a penalty fee of 2.5% of the total outstanding balance. This fee is automatically assessed at the point where a scheduled payment is past due. Payments that are more than 14 days in arrears are subject to immediate cancellation of the entire package without a refund. Credit Card Payments constitute traveler's complete compliance with VIP's Access event packages' terms and conditions mentioned herein, whether or not traveler has actually signed the appropriate draft. Verbal authorization of traveler's credit card confirms traveler's reservation.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the State Georgia, in the United States of America where applicable. Any disputes regarding these terms and conditions shall be resolved exclusively in the courts of the City of Atlanta, Georgia. I have read, fully understand and agree to be contractually bound with VIP's Access by these terms and conditions.

Personal Identification
Traveler(s) must have proper identification and documentation required for their trip such as passports, visas, or driver license if they plan to lease a car. Prior entering any country you must obtain proper permission either from the embassy or consulate of that country wherever you live. This is the responsibility of each individual Traveler(s) thus, if denied crossing the border it will not be ground for a refund.
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