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Yacht Leasing

VIP's Access offers luxurious sailing or motor yacht charters in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, South Pacific, South Asia and the U.S., each with a distintive culture landscape to discover and to be dazzled by it beauty. Would you like to explore the calm seas at an affordable cost? Consider shared VIP yachts which have increasingly become popular in recent years and are ideal sailing for those not wishing to charter a yacht just for themselves. Savings of up to 85% off.

VIP's Access offers an affordable alternative with shared luxury yacht charters through a network of reputable operators throughout the world. Luxury yachts are usually equipped with great water toys, for additional fun. Kayaks, windsurfers, water-ski, jet skis, and diving equipments. Submit your information with 3 destination choices and we'll match you with other VIP guests planning the same private cruise at a fraction of chartering your own yacht. Get To Know Us...

Ideal yacht accommodate 6 to 12 guests with ensuite similar to cruise ships, except, being with hundreds of people. Sail with just a few like minded guests carefully pre-screened. The Caribbean is a popular and a special place that has beautiful tropical islands that lie snug within a tropical island necklace, as laid out on a large blue sea. The main sailing season runs from November through to May and offers the most cost effective getaways. Contact us

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Corporate getaways abord luxury yachts
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becoming a popular activities for
team building. Please submit the
concierge contact form with
desired yacht information
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Luxury Yacht
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Monaco yacht show
Monaco Yacht Show
Monaco Yacht show
Monaco Yacht Show
Monaco yacht show

VIP's Access Superyacht

The world is 70% water and a sailing vacation with VIP's Access allows you to experience some of the worlds best cruising grounds on world class yachts and sailboats, while having ablast! There are many different types of charter yacht, and choosing the type suitable for your charter is an important part of the chartering process. Why? Because you want to make sure that the yacht you are about to charter is right for you. Classic yachts seem to be perennially popular on the charter market, often because of their classic styling and nostalgic appeal. An ultra-modern motor yacht may have all the whistles and bells, but from a style point of view there are few boats that look as good as some of the classic motor (and sailing) yachts.

A yacht charter is the perfect holiday to relax and unwind and for some this does not include working in the galley. A hostess can be hired to look after the provisioning and provide your meals on board. You can chose a short and easy hops with line-of-sight sailing or more challenging open water passages. Wherever you go, you will find a warm welcome and terrific atmosphere on the worlds best yachts and sailboats. You are guaranteed to return home relaxed, refreshed and ready to start planning your next Caribbean sailing adventure.

Luxury boats are also usually equipped with water 'toys', for your entertainment. Kayaks, windsurfers, water-ski, jet skis, and dive equipment, to name a few. The largest superyachts may also accommodate a helicopter pad, submarine bay, gyms and cinemas. Every charter boat has its own speed boat (tender) to take guests water skiing, ferry passengers ashore to the beach during the day or to dine out at night. To charter a yacht bareboat it is generally required by the port authorities that the designated skipper holds an official sailing license, for example the ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

All yachts are equipped and maintain to a very high standard and include charter equipment, navigation equipment, safety equipment, fully appointed galleys, complete set of linens (sheets, blankets, pillows and towels), dinghy, outboard, bimini tops, sprayhoods. They are usually spacious and comfortable, with numerous areas for eating, relaxing and sunbathing. Some have a pool and/or Jacuzzi, some have a gymnasium or cinema, all will have a selection of tenders, Jet Skis and water-toys for the amusement of guests. Both beginner and expert private yacht charterers alike are drawn to the Caribbean for its warm winds, protected waterways and beautiful anchorages.

Exotic Yacht Destinations

VIP's Access offers sailing vacations or yacht charters and sailboat rentals in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, South Pacific, South East Asia and the U.S. each offering a unique culture landscape to explore. Those that wish to charter a yacht but don't know how to sail or wish to sit back and relax while someone else does all the work, have the option of hiring a skipper. A skipper will bring years of sailing experience and a wealth of local knowledge making him the ideal guide to whichever cruising ground you choose to explore. So what yachts types are there and what are your options? Most charter yachts tend to be large (30m+) motor yachts with accommodation for eight to 12 guests and a crew of eight or more.

Caribbean Superyacht Charters

The Caribbean is a special place that has beautiful tropical islands that lie snug within a tropical island necklace as laid out on a large blue sea. The main Caribbean sailing season runs from November through to Mayy. The Caribbean primary high season is from mid-December to March, when the winter escapees from North America and Europe arrive in their greatest numbers. The hurricane season is from late Mayy to early October, although hurricanes are in general rare in the southern Caribbean. Unfortunately, they can be prevalent around Cuba, Bahamas and the east coast of the U.S. every few years. This is the least expensive time for chartering in the Caribbean and there are some really good deals are available. However, as well as running the risk of storms, this time of year also tends to be associated with lighter (or non-existent) winds.

As one of the most popular yacht charter grounds in the world, second only to the Mediterranean in popularity, the types of boats available for rental in the Caribbean include all the main types such as motor, sailing, skippered, crewed yachts, catamarans, power boats, sailboat, luxury yachts as well as the ever growing superyacht and mega yacht charter.

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Enjoy flying aboard a shared private jet to fabulous destinations like; New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, San Francisco, Orlando or when attending major sporting events such as; The Super Bowl, The Masters, The UEFA Final, The Wimbledom or the Monaco F1 while only paying for your seat! Not the whole jet.
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