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New York City —> Atlanta
Houston —> Atlanta
Los Angeles —> Atlanta
Seattle —> Atlanta
Miami —> Atlanta
San Francisco —> Atlanta
London —> Atlanta
Chicago —> Atlanta

The Masters SHARED Private Jets

Los Angeles —> Augusta
Miami —> Augusta
New York City —> Augusta
London —> Augusta
Chicago —> Augusta
Santa Clara —> Augusta
Seattle —> Augusta
Houston —> Augusta


New York City —> Monaco
London —> Monaco
Kiev —> Monaco
Los Angeles —> Monaco
Sydney —> Monaco
New Delhi —> Monaco
Dubai —> Monaco
Moscow —> Monaco
We can all afford a jet if only for a hour. Pick a Destination Wisely
New York Private Jet
Los Angeles VIP Jet
Chicago Private Jet
London Private Jet
Las Vegas VIP Jet
Dubai Private Jet
Paris Private Jet
Milan Private Jet
Miami Private Jet
Caribbean VIP Jet
Cannes Private Jet
Melbourne VIP Jet
Toronto Private Jet
Palm Springs VIP Jet
Formula1 Packages
U.S. Grand Prix
Italian Grand Prix
British Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
Belgium Grand Prix
German Grand Prix
Singapore Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Major Sport Packages
Pro Bowl
Final Four
Rose Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Super Bowl
NBA All Star
The Masters
Kentucky Derby
U.S. Open Tennis
Champions League
NFL Luxury Suites
Cowboys Falcons 49ers
Chicago Bears & Saints
Miami Dolphins & Jets
Patriots & Seahawks
Titans & Buccaneers
Steelers & Chargers
Packers & Bengals
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Luxury Travel Franchise

When Standard Is Not The Norm, VIP's Access Strive For The Exquisite...
NYC | Paris | Dubai | Miami | London | LA | Cancun | Rio | Tokyo | Las Vegas

VIP Concierge Franchise

VIP's Access specializes in providing luxury travel arrangements and services to a niche market of discerning travellers around the globe. However, with the expansion of the internet to every community and all corner of the world, demand for expert concierge assistance has drastically increased. Beside our online luxury hotel collection, VIP's Access agents assist VIP clients with private jet charters, tickets to concerts and prestigious sporting events year around. Take a look around our site to familiarize yourself with some of our services.
Expanding into franchising only makes sense given our clientele come from diverse communities and foreign countries, thus, a local franchisee could be more effective in fullfiling a few clients' need more efficiently whether they were traveling for business or leisure to the Middle East, Europe and to the United States. While VIP's Access competes against multi-billion dollar competitors, we have nevertheless established ourselves as a leading organization for luxury sporting travel arrangement, offering a platform paralleled to none in the market with over 100,000 luxury hotel and beach resort online collection, a private jet brokerage service and sporting events packages, thus, franchisees have a greater potential to quickly establish themselves and build a profitable business for years to come.
As the saying goes, "you are as good as the company that you keep", a theme our founder takes very seriously, we want you to know that you will be in very good hands when partnering with VIP's Access. We strive to maintain and establish relationships with only the best and most respectable organizations around the world and should you need assistance, we are always a phone call away. Wherever you are coming from, we understand your ambitions as we have been there and will guide you through this exciting journey of "Entrepreneurship" while you are investing in your future. Contact us for further assistance.

So, You Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Building a business, whether big or small, involves trial and error in order to either be a success as an entrepreneur. Buying into VIP's Access business model however, eliminate the risk and headache associated with building a profitable business offering unlimited potential and financial security for your family. VIP's Access years of expertise in the travel industry takes the risk out of the equation in regard to your investment. Therefore, If you have the will and can endure the hard work, success will come quickly with VIP's Access at your side.

Are We Confident that You'll Succed? Of Course, We're!

Otherwise, we would not risk our name and brand, period. Not only does VIP's Access has a unique appeal and offerings, it’s a fully optimized website geared to appear on major search engines such as Google's first page listings, often dominating placement with very competitive keywords, a feast only a few organizations could ever claim to have achieved. Should you put half of the effort needed in building your business, we will put forward the other half with several assistance geared toward your particular market.
We understand how crucial search engines first page's presence is to a business survival nowadays. Thus, our SEO strategy targeting franchisees' regional markets and services of interest would be just as effective as ours. We are committed and will ensure that each single one of our franchisees is a success and a viable business operator.

Reasons to become a VIP's Access franchise partner

  • Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest industry, supporting some 258 million jobs worldwide, generating nonetheless than 10% of global GDP. Combined with an awesome website, cutting edge technology and automate reservation tools, multibillion dollar partners, VIP's Access give you an edge and a greater chance to succeed in this competitive industry.
  • VIP's Access offers more travel content to visitors than our competitors do. Meaning increased visitor's time spend on our site, higher conversion percentage rate, -Visitor’s loyalty and -Repeat business which translate in more revenue share for our franchise partners.
  • Alternatively, VIP's Access' goal is to develop a global network of Independent Luxury Concierge franchises, able to assist each others’ clients while traveling outside of their respective territory and confident that a partner would adequately provide assistance, if need be.
  • VIP's Access is constantly approached by luxury entities for partnership, thus, we strive in adding values to our franchise partners. So, it should not come as a surprise if we update and add other offering such as a; -Helicopter Tour Packages or -Wine Tasting parties to a franchisee's site, as an added service. VIP's Access will continually increase franchisees opportunity to generate more revenue to their bottom line.
  • Minimal financial risk with a quick return on your initial investment and unlimited potential for a significant profits.
  • VIP's Access website works: Your franchise site is an exact replicate of a successful business model.
  • Full training and ongoing support infrastructure are in place to assist. We have an experienced support team of designers and SEO experts always improving our internet presence.
  • The opportunity to grow your business: whether you want to work from home and keep the business at a size easily managed by one person, or lease offices and have a sales team, we can assist.
  • You won’t get the opportunity to buy into a better program than with VIP's Access franchise. for franchisee is a site that you can be proud of, every time you introduce your business to anyone.
  • Be part of an international and unique brand, run your own online business at a fraction of the start-up cost normally associated with this type of luxury business.
  • Freedom to be your own boss and run your business from wherever you are or want to be, whether from a beach in St. Tropez or from the moon. As long as your clients can reach you, we can care less, you’re the boss.
  • No specific IT skills, no knowledge of HTML or web programming required. We handle every aspect of franchisee's site, except for textual content you wish to add on newer service.
  • E-commerce module allowing payments to be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year with a world class customer support center and a fully optimized site with a strong online presence on major search engines such as; Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Income growth year after year and financial stability with a higher repeat business rate.

What skills do I need to run a successful VIP's Access franchise site?

Sales experience is not necessary, although a commercial background would be an advantage. The most important ingredient for success in business is enthusiasm and hard work. We are looking to work with partners who are self-motivated to reach their goals, coming from different backgrounds and walks of life.
Our interest in what you want to achieve, as well as in what you already have accomplished in life, will help us better advice on which level of involvement. A background in a major corporate or a professional sport environment could be very advantageous, for instance. Be a people’s person and close deals, let us take care of all the technological and branding aspect.

How do I make money from a VIP's Access travel franchise?

Franchisees earn revenues on all travel related transactions generated through their franchise websites, offices and personal effort while selling; private jet charters, luxury hotels, rental cars, vacation and sporting event tickets, packages and much more. As an independent concierge franchisee, you have an unlimited potential with the increase number of high net worth individuals and more luxury residences, villas, condominiums and corporate entities as potential customers in any given city worldwide. Further, we have partnered with leading luxury establishments and several private jet operators to fulfill VIP clients' request anywhere in the world.

What can I earn from VIP's Access franchise Program?

This depends only on one thing; Yourself. -And the Time you’re prepared to put into your business. The more effort, social media promotion and marketing you incorporate into your strategy, the more reward you will achieve. Do understand a fact, a single sale to a VIP's Access client, could be as low as $1,000 for ticket to a concert, or as high as $300,000 for an overseas private jet charter, a group package to attend the Super Bowl or the Formula One Grand Prix or the Masters Championship. So, when we claim that you've an unlimited potential, we literally mean it. The amount which a VIP client could spend on a travel getaway can be astonishing and commissions on those sales are mighty inspiring. Let your imagination go wild.

How much does it cost to purchase a franchise?

Franchise charges:

First and foremost, this is the fee which buys you a contractual, non-exclusive right to use our brand, VIP's Access. This charge also pays for the cost of the franchisee site's configuration, search engine optimization, training and mentoring. How much could or should you invest depends on the scope of services and financial ambition of each franchisee's achievable goal. We have set a minimum requirement of total investment and liquid cash needed at each level of involvement to properly represent our brand. The terms of the franchise renewable agreement vary from 1 to 5 years and provided that certain minimum revenue thresholds are met each year of the contractual period, the franchise renewal fees could decrease or readjusted.

Management fee:

We also charge a fixed management fee, regardless of how much you earn. This is to cover support, hosting and ongoing technical and commercial developments of the franchisee website.

Revenue share:

This is a minimal percentage of any revenue you earn from sales on your websites and offices which you have to pay back to VIP's Access. The ongoing royalty fee is a fixed 9% charge.

Shared Private Jet to Sporting Events

Enjoy a private jet flight at a fraction of the cost to great destinations like; New York City, Los Angeles, London and Miami or to major sporting events such as; The Super Bowl, The Masters, The UEFA Final, The Wimbledom and the Monaco Formula One while paying only for your own seat, not the whole jet.

 gulfstream-GIV  gulfstream-GIV

Shared Private Jet PAY PER SEAT

No slick restrictions! Reserve your hotel with us and collect nights after
your stay at any hotel Worldwide. Once you have 10 nights stay
accumulated, redeem your FREE 1 Night on the next booking

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Explore the most luxurious hotels in the world for a perfect Getaway!
Whether planning a Business, Leisure or Romantic travel, we can assist.

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VIP's Access Luxury Hotel & Beachfront VIP Resort Collection

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Shared Private Jets
London - New York- Los Angeles
Super Bowl-F1-Masters-UEFA Final

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