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New York City —> Houston -February 2/3: $1,799
Los Angeles —> Houston February 2/3: $1,999
Seattle —> Houston February 2/3: $2,199
Miami —> Houston February 2/3: $1,599
London —> Houston February 2/3: $9,975
Chicago —> Houston February 2/3: $1,699
Atlanta —> Houston February 2/3: $1,599


Los Angeles —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,899
Miami —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,499
New York City —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,699
London —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $9,999
Chicago —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,499
Seattle —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $2,099
Santa Clara —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,999
Houston —> Augusta Apr 04-08 $1,499


London —> Monaco May 23-27 $2,899
New York City —> Monaco May 23-27 $10,499
Dubai/Abu Dhabi —> Monaco May 23-27 $5,999
Kiev —> Monaco May 23-27 $4,799
Los Angeles —> Monaco May 23-27 $14,599
Sydney —> Monaco May 23-27 $15,999
New Delhi —> Monaco May 23-27 $6,599
Moscow —> Monaco May 23-27 $5,799
We can all afford a jet if only for a hour. Pick a Destination Wisely
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VIP's Access @ a Glance

VIP's Access expertise extend from offering luxury hotel packages and VIP tickets to world's famous sporting events, VIP parties, reservations to the trendiest establishments in many cities around the globe, to private jet charters for those seeking unparallel memories whenever flying to top destinations around the world. Expanding and creating new chapters is a goal to further enhance our brand and support philanthropic causes, with the help of our members and clients.

Join a VIP's Access Chapter in Your City or Help us Create One Wherever You Are!

 gulfstream-GIV  gulfstream-GIV
 gulfstream-GIV  gulfstream-GIV

Platinum Membership

— Get up to 20% Discount when purchasing VIP tickets or luxury suite skybox packages to prestigious sporting events around the globe..
— Get 10% Discount when purchasing VIP tickets or Table service to famous VIP parties, from the Super Bowl to Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, Austin, Abu Dhabi and others.
— Save up to 75% Off when chartering an "Empty Leg" private jet flight to several destinations around the world, particularly in Europe and the United States.
— Enjoy up to 50% Discount with our online luxury hotel portfolio, offering over 100,000 luxury hotels and beach resorts accommodation worldwide.

VIP's Access commitment in organizing great events while empowering our members to forge lasting bonds and friendships, thereby enriching each other's lives, sharing business ideas and enhancing philanthropic causes, is the vision behind our chapter program. Socializing with like minded individuals whether in your local city or when travelling to a different town, is a global objective envisioned by VIP's Access founder, while offering opportunities for Co-Branding VIP Events with our members.

"Co-Brand" an Event with VIP's Access
Platinum Members can organize the events listed below either independently or in collaboration with other members, while enjoying VIP's Access support both if seeking sponsorships or need promotion on Twitter.
    :: Shared Private Jet Charter ::
    :: Private Estates, Mansion & Clubs VIP Parties ::
    :: Luxury Yacht Parties ::
    :: Cocktail Parties & Happy Hours ::
    :: Tour & Getaway Excursions ::
    :: Cigar, Premium Liquor & Wine Tasting ::
"Co-Brand" a Charity Event with VIP's Access
A charity event is a great way to promote your brand and attract attention in your city, while giving back to the community we live in, and supporting worthy causes. VIP's Accesss would strongly encourage and support members, as well as assist in spreading the word on Twitter for a successful event.
    :: Fashion Show ::
    :: Golf Tournament ::
    :: Dinner Fundraising ::
Events must be approved for co-branding with VIP's Access, held at luxury venues, 4 or 5 star hotels and tickets sales will be hosted on, ensuring that in case of cancellation, clients get refunded promptly.

Co-Branding Benefits

Brand recognition is a valuable asset in attracting customers and VIP's Access has build a strong presence online, while prominently placing among the top listings on Google, thus, attracting thousands of visitors each month. If you wish to target an elite clientele in any given city around the world, chances are a large portion of them are familiar with VIP's Access giving your event much needed credibility. For a better perspective, a few search terms below would adequately illustrate the point.
—Super Bowl luxury packages (The Masters, US Open, Kentucky Derby, UEFA Final etc)
—Champion League Final luxury Skybox (Super Bowl luxury suite/ US Open luxury suite)
—Sugar Bowl luxury hotel (or Pro Bowl, Orange Bowl, NBA All Star, etc)
—Abu Dhabi F1 VIP tickets (Austin F1, Monaco Grand Prix, Belgium F1, Italian F1, etc)
—New York VIP hotels (Los Angeles, Dubai, Rome, Milan, Chicago, Tokyo, Miami, etc)
—All inclusive VIP hotels Las Vegas (Puerto Rico, Cancun, Bermuda, Paris, London, etc)

Gold Membership

Gold membership is the entry level into VIP's Access Chapter program, offering discount up to 10% from products listed on our site and right to a luxury hotel portal similar to ours for hotel reservations worldwide. The Gold Membership is meant for those wishing to transition into the lifestyle entrepreneurship slowly, while building their own network and upgrade to the Platinum level. Co-branding is not allowed at this level, however, you could assist a Platinum member in your city if they so desire.

    Become a VIP's Access Platinum Member
You can obtain a Platinum Membership status through several means, choose whichever option best suit your comfort zone among the choices below.
    :: Refer 5 new members to register at the Platinum level to any of VIP's Access chapters to earn a status upgrade
    :: Register your company to obtain a VIP's Access hotel portal website, similar to ours which your employees, friends and family members can book hotel rooms online worldwide, while earning 3% cash back.
    :: Create a VIP's Access Facebook Fans page for your city's chapter and invite 2,000 followers for a status upgrade.
    :: If none of these options is appealing, you can simply pay a $2,000/year fee.

      Become a VIP's Access Gold Member
    You can obtain a Gold Membership status through options listed below, choose which option best suit your comfort zone.
      :: Refer 2 new members to register at the Gold level to a chapter.
      :: Create a VIP's Access Facebook Fans page for your city's chapter and invite a minimum of 250 followers.
      :: If none of these options is appealing, simply pay a $250/year fee.
    VIP's Access goal is to support members wishing to built or further enhance their own brand along side ours. As our chapter program and membership grows around the world, so will great events and benefits to our members.
    —"Strength Comes in Number". Imagine traveling to any city and being welcomed by fellow members offering a well structured network of successful individuals ready to embrace you during travel out of town. Moreover, if you are of an entrepreneurial spirit, VIP's Access Chapters would be an enormous resource to rely on while expanding your business connections.

    Contact us for any suggestions or registration for further assistance.

    Shared Private Jet to Sporting Events

    Enjoy a private jet flight at a fraction of the cost to great destinations like; New York City, Los Angeles, London and Miami or to major sporting events such as; The Super Bowl, The Masters, The UEFA Final, The Wimbledom and the Monaco Formula One while paying only for your own seat, not the whole jet.
     gulfstream-GIV  gulfstream-GIV

    Shared Private Jet PAY PER SEAT

    No slick restrictions! Reserve your hotel with us and collect nights after
    your stay at any hotel Worldwide. Once you have 10 nights stay
    accumulated, redeem your FREE 1 Night on the next booking

    VIP's Access Prefer Luxury Hotel Collection

    Explore the most luxurious hotels in the world for a perfect Getaway!
    Whether planning a Business, Leisure or Romantic travel, we can assist.

    Email us dates & details for a Free VIP Limo, Spa or Restaurant reservations

    new york city New York City Luxury Hotels

    The Big Apple is unlike any city on the planet. Filled with exquisite shops, fine dining, top museums & culture, New York City's the place to be if you enjoy a fast pace lifestyle

    View All New York Hotels

    3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
    mykonos Mykonos Luxury Hotels

    Nicknamed The island of the winds, Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek island, boasting amazing beaches. It's consider the Capri of Greece & a must visit while in Europe

    View all Mykonos Hotels

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     San Francisco San Francisco Luxury Hotels

    San Francisco is well known for its natural beauty, wine country, liberal politics, Silicon Valley and diversity. Host to world reknowned festivities & a fantastic place to visit

    View all San Fran Hotels

    3-5 star Hotels | No Smoking | Concierge Assistance
    Ritz Central Park Trinidad and Tobago Luxury Hotels & VIP Beach Resorts

    From: Trinidad and Tobago -Scarborough -Grenada -Port of Spain. Enjoy: Bacolet Beach Club -Hyatt Regency -Coyaba Beach Resort

    View all Trinidad Hotels

    3 to 5 star Hotel | Pets Allowed | Spa Center
    toronto Toronto Luxury Hotels

    Rated as one of the world's most livable cities, Toronto, Canada's financial capital, is a leading research center and home to an International film festival. A great destination

    View all Toronto Hotels

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     Punta Cana Punta Cana Luxury Hotels

    Popular for its white beaches facing both the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, Punta Cana has developed into a major & best tourist destination in the Caribbean to visit

    View all Punta Cana Hotels

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     Los Angeles Los Angeles Luxury Hotels

    The City of Angels is appropriately where dreams come true but first, you've to get there. So, leave behind all your worries & go mingle with the biggest stars in the world

    View all Los Angeles Hotels

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    Royal Tulip Rio Rio de Janeiro Luxury Hotels

    One of the most vibrant destination in the world, Rio is a welcoming city full of culture, offering the best beaches, entertainments and luxurious hotel accommodations

    View all Rio Hotels

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    Paris Paris Luxury Hotels

    It's always a good idea to visit Paris. From famous museums, great shopping to famous dining, options are limitless. Visit the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay & of couse, the Eiffel Tower

    View all Paris Hotels

    3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance

    VIP's Access Luxury Hotel & Beachfront VIP Resort Collection

    Free Hotel Resort Packages to the coordinator of a Large Group Travel
    Contact us for Unpublished Group Discount Rates Packages, Select Destinations.
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