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One Way Specials
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We can all afford a jet if only for a hour. Pick a Destination Wisely
New York Private Jet
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New York City —> Miami
Houston —> Miami
Los Angeles —> Miami
Seattle —> Miami
Atlanta —> Miami
San Francisco —> Miami
London —> Miami
Chicago —> Miami

The Masters SHARED Private Jets

Los Angeles —> Augusta
Miami —> Augusta
New York City —> Augusta
London —> Augusta
Chicago —> Augusta
Santa Clara —> Augusta
Seattle —> Augusta
Houston —> Augusta


New York City —> Monaco
London —> Monaco
Kiev —> Monaco
Los Angeles —> Monaco
Sydney —> Monaco
New Delhi —> Monaco
Dubai —> Monaco
Moscow —> Monaco
Formula1 Packages
U.S. Grand Prix
Italian Grand Prix
British Grand Prix
Monaco Grand Prix
Belgium Grand Prix
German Grand Prix
Singapore Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Major Sport Packages
Pro Bowl
Final Four
Rose Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Super Bowl
NBA All Star
The Masters
Kentucky Derby
U.S. Open Tennis
Champions League
NFL Luxury Suites
Cowboys Falcons 49ers
Chicago Bears & Saints
Miami Dolphins & Jets
Patriots & Seahawks
Titans & Buccaneers
Steelers & Chargers
Packers & Bengals
Texans & Colts

Exclusive Private Jet VIP Experiences

With Inverted Bidding, The Lowest Quote Always Win... We Guarantee IT!

Unique VIP Perks For Private Jet & Skybox Clients

In the ultra competitive arena of luxury travel, whether chartering a private jet or renting a luxury skybox suite at a major sporting event, there is no shortage of service providers. However, VIP's Access offers unmatchable VIP Perks to clients competitors could not obtain based on our broad range of VIP services and partners around the world. VIP's Access at its inception, was created to be able to arrange and assist VIP clients while traveling either for business or leisure.

Booking Our Luxury Hotels -Earns You Fabulous Free VIP Perks

VIP's Access makes it a breeze locating the best luxury hotels at a glance, rather than wasting hours on competitors' websites. Pick any city listed below and view some of the world's leading brands, featured on VIP's Access luxury hotel collection from around the globe.

NYC | Paris | Dubai | Miami | London | Tokyo | LA | Rome | Cancun | Rio | Monaco | Vegas

    Why Should You Unequivocally Reserve Hotel Room With Us?

Because of these small, yet meaningful gestures...

hotel manager Warm Greeting by the Hotel Manager
  • Upon arrival, we would arrange for a member of the management team to greet you and your party

  • This simple gesture implies, all request will be swiftly fulfilled by the staff while you're guest at the hotel. Additionally, a particular attention will be paid to your party ensuring that VIP's Access sends VIP clientele to their establishment in the future.

    Champagne and wine await your arrival
  • As a gesture of our appreciatition, enjoy a basket of the best Champagne, fine wine and chocolats

  • Landing into a different city, particularly for the first time, could at time be overwhelming. Thus, prior to going out and conquering this new town, let set the mode just right with a basket of the best Champagne, wine and chocolats for your party to savor, compliment of VIP's Access.

     dining A chef service or stopping by your table
  • Making an impression is what we do best, whether it's a romantic or business dinner, allow us to help.

  • Having the head chef or a member of his staff stop by your table to either serve your meal or simply to inquire if everything is at your liking, is always a winning impression to reflect, whether on a date or a business dinner. Allow VIP's Access to set up your reservations.

      Meticulously Planning and VIP Perks unlike any Competitors!

    That's a fact. VIP's Access is uniquely developped to offer online luxury hotel reservations, eliminating the need of visiting a couple other companies for that purpose. The Free VIP perks mentioned above are not offered to clients neither by any private jet charters or online hotel providers or hotel establishments.
    We are in fact leveraging our hotel profits to offer you these fabulous VIP perks, which our competitors can't afford to offer simply because they don't generate that extra revenue to pamper clients as we do. Thus, living up to our name's expectation, indeed delivering VIP Access to each and every VIP client chartering a jet or purchasing a skybox suite.

      Reservations at the Finest and Trendiest Establisments
    And of course, VIP's Access would make any reservations, whether it's a relaxing massage session, a golf tee time, an exotic limousine or a VIP table at the hottest nighclub in town.

     massage  golf
     limo  tao

    Fly VIP Style — Fly Smart...
    Enjoy The Savings

    Global One Way Jet Specials

    Not confident with your quote? Contact us for inquiry charter@vipsaccess.com

    Hourly Cost per Aircraft Category

    king air  Embraer Phenom 100
    Turboprop aircraft
    View Hourly Rates

    Passenger Capacity: 4-33 Speed: 160-350 mph | Flight range: 2-4 hours, non-stop approx up to 1,350 miles King Air -Cessna Caravan -Jetstream
    Very Light Jet
    View Hourly Rates

    Passenger Capacity: 4 Speed: 340-391 mph | Flight range: 2-4 hours, non-stop approx up to 1,535 miles Cessna Citation -Embraer 100 -Eclipse 500
     Learjet 60  citation
    Light Jet
    View Hourly Rates

    Passenger Capacity: 4-8 Speed: 400-480 mph | Flight range: 3-5 hours, non-stop approx 2,300 miles. Learjet -Cessna Citation -Hawker -BeechJet
    Midsize Jet
    View Hourly Rates

    Passenger Capacity: 6-10 Speed: 429-500 mph | Flight range: 4-6 hours, non-stop approx 3,110 miles. Learjet -Cessna Citation -Falcon -Gulfstream
     challenger  gulfstream
    Super Mid-size Jet
    View Hourly Rates

    Passenger Capacity: 8-15 Speed: 446-610 mph | Flight range: 6-8 hours, non-stop approx up to 3,593 miles Challenger -Cessna -Falcon -Gulfstream
    Heavy & Airliner Jet
    View Hourly Rates

    Passenger Capacity: 9-326 Speed: 459-610 mph | Flight range: 9-14 hours, non-stop approx up to 8,053 miles Challenger -Cessna -Falcon -Gulfstream

    Shared Private Jet Flights

    Enjoy flying aboard a shared private jet to great destinations like; New York City, Los Angeles, London, Miami, or if attending major sporting events such as; The Super Bowl, The Masters, The UEFA Final, The Wimbledom or the Monaco F1 while only paying for your seat! Not the whole jet.

     gulfstream  gulfstream GV
    Explore the most luxurious hotels in the world for your perfect getaway...
    Whether planning a Business, Leisure or Romantic travel, VIP's Access can assist.

    Email us your travel date for a Free luxury Limousine, Spa or Restaurant reservation.

    Monaco - Cannes Hotels

    Monaco Hotels
    Hong Kong Luxury Hotels

    Hong Kong Hotels
    Cancun Luxury Hotels

    Cancun Hotels
    Las Vegas Luxury Hotels
    Las Vegas

    Las Vegas Hotels
    Orlando Luxury Hotels

    Orlando Hotels
    Rio Luxury Hotels
    Royal Tulip Rio

    Rio Hotels
    London Luxury Hotels

    London Hotels
    Toronto Luxury Hotels

    Toronto Hotels
    Venice Luxury Hotels

    Venice Hotels
    Los Angeles Luxury Hotels
     Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Hotels


    Among a large selection of private jet airports in the city, the Airport is the most used for clients when flying in or out. Airport is at its busiest during the winter months with clients flying throughout for winter getaways.


    As one of the world's top destinations, there are plenty of activities around the city with several establishment requiring VIP reservations to gain access into the venue. VIP's Access would be glad to make all the arrangement and reservations clients might need.


    Airport Code is


    Airport offer easy access and has separate dedicated private jet terminals (FBOs)


    Airport runway length is 8,948 feet


    As many major cities around the world, offers great chances to fly aboard a private jet charter at a discount cost mainly due to a large inventory of aircraft available.


    Whether flying in or out of , empty legs provide enormous savings opprotunity while flying aboard private jet charters at a fraction of the cost. Empty leg flights whenever available, present the best opportunity to fly for as low as 20% of the regular cost.


    private jet airport is located nearly miles east of the City of , ideal for quick access.
    Discounted Private Jet
    One Way Specials
    Fly Empty Aircraft Worldwide

    Hollywood Strategies Redifined
    Major Studios No Longer Control
    Profitabilty in Hollywood.
    —Independent Filmmakers Do...

    Which Means Great
    Movies Investment Opportunities

    Popular Jet Destinations...
    World's Best One Way Specials Regions

     One&Only Reethi Rah
    United States
    Australia & New Zealand
     Adaaran all inclusive
    Rarest "All Inclusive Resort" in The Maldives!

    Best of The Maldives Hotels

    World's Famous Events
    Monaco grand prix
    Monaco F1 VIP Packages

      Africa Safari
    Serengeti Safari Packages

    football super bowl
    Super Bowl VIP Packages

     Kentucky Derby
    Kentucky Derby VIP Packages

      U.S. Open Tennis
    U.S. Open Tennis VIP Packages

    Abu Dhabi Paddock Club6
    Abu Dhabi F1 VIP Paddock Packages

     Champions League
    Champions League VIP Packages

    Tiger wood
    The Masters VIP Packages

    NBA All Star Game VIP Packages

    austin f1
    Austin F1 U.S. GP VIP Packages

    Exquisite VIP Experiences!