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Cannes Private Jet

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Charter Jet to Cannes

Located if the famous French Riviera, Cannes exudes glamour and attracks the world's elites several time a year to its borders from all over the world. Flying private jet is common when debarking into Cannes, whether for business or leisure while planning to relax at a some of the best celebrities' hideway retreats. VIP's Access offers a network of over 9,000 luxury aircraft partners worldwide and at a moment notice, and can secure a private jet for clients at fraction of the cost than of our competitors. VIP's Access lowest private jet prices strategy is based on our winning bidding process benefiting a client's bottom line.
The French Riviera every year host prestigious events such as; The Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Formula One and the Monaco superyacht show, which attracts the rich and famous to its soil. Should you wish to attend one of these events, VIP's Access can provide you a VIP Access experince through our partners in the region. VIP's Access offers affordable Cannes private jet to clients seeking the convenience and comfort of traveling efficiently in today's busy world. Our point to point pricing, unbeatable by competitors guarantees the lowest cost to clients.
VIP's Access negociate preferencial rates from partners and savings are passed along to our VIP clientele. We conveniently offers our own luxury portfolio of 3 to 5 star hotel and beach resort collection worldwide, saving clients time while planning their travel. — Exotic Maldives Beach Resorts New York City VIP Hotels Enjoy VIP perks exclusively reserved to our private jet VIP clients such as; room upgrade whenever available, Free champagne upon arrival, Free Limousine or Dinner reservation to the trendiest restaurant in the French Riviera.

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 Intercontinental Carlton Cannes Intercontinental Carlton Cannes

Host to sevral famous guests for a century, enjoy an exclusive beach restaurant and private pier offering a host of water sports.

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5 star Hotel | Pets Allowed | No Smoking | Spa Center
 Marriott Riviera Monaco  Marriott Riviera Monaco

Enjoy fantastic views at one of the premier hotels in Monaco, you'll be introduced to a superior level of service and amenities

From: $156 Book Now

5 star Hotel | Pets Allowed | No Smoking | Spa Center

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king air  Embraer Phenom 100
Turboprop aircraft
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Passenger Capacity: 4-33 Speed: 160-350 mph | Flight range: 2-4 hours, non-stop approx up to 1,350 miles King Air -Cessna Caravan -Jetstream
Very Light Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 4 Speed: 340-391 mph | Flight range: 2-4 hours, non-stop approx up to 1,535 miles Cessna Citation -Embraer 100 -Eclipse 500
Lear 60 king air
Light Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 4-8 Speed: 400-480 mph | Flight range: 3-5 hours, non-stop approx 2,300 miles. Learjet -Cessna Citation -Hawker -BeechJet
Midsize Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 6-10 Speed: 429-500 mph | Flight range: 4-6 hours, non-stop approx 3,110 miles. Learjet -Cessna Citation -Falcon -Gulfstream
king air king air
Super Mid-size Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 8-15 Speed: 446-610 mph | Flight range: 6-8 hours, non-stop approx up to 3,593 miles Challenger -Cessna -Falcon -Gulfstream
Heavy Jet & VIP Airliner Jet
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Passenger Capacity: 9-326 Speed: 459-610 mph | Flight range: 9-14 hours, non-stop approx up to 8,053 miles Challenger -Cessna -Falcon -Gulfstream

Shared Private Jet Flights

Enjoy flying aboard a shared private jet to fabulous destinations like; New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, San Francisco, Orlando or when attending major sporting events such as; The Super Bowl, The Masters, The UEFA Final, The Wimbledom or the Monaco F1 while only paying for your seat! Not the whole jet.
 gulfstream-GIV  gulfstream-GIV

Shared Private Jet PAY PER SEAT

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Cannes is one of the popular destinations for private jets, utilized mainly by corporate executives vacantioning in the region.


We can assist in making arrangement and VIP reservations for clients while in the city.


Cannes Airport Code is


Cannes Airport is a small venue for private jet serving the area with a few operators locally based operators.


Cannes Airport longest runway length is 10,083 feet


As many major cities around the world, Cannes offers great chances to fly aboard a private jet charter at a discount cost mainly due to a large inventory of aircraft available in the region.


There are plenty of empty leg flights opprotunities in the Cannes area offering savings while flying aboard private jet charters at a fraction of the cost.


Cannes Airport is accessible via the I-90 from the centre of Cannes, taking approximately 9 minutes for the 3 mile journey.
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