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Hollywood Smart Movies Investment Strategy

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VIP's Access Productions

VIP’s Access Productions is dedicated in promoting and producing independent films with global commercial appeal and offering high returns on investment. Concentrating on unique projects deemmed viable and potentially lucrative, our primarly goal rest in developing and producing content's relevant projects impactful to the world.

A quick insight into the top "200 All Time Gross Earnings" movies of different genres could provide an educated guess of which type of projects savvy investors capitalize on, in order to litigate the risks involved in the film industry. VIP’s Access Productions would primarly focus in developing "Animated Films" as we believe to be the most profitable sector with minimal risks.

Animated Films vs Feature Films Gross Earnings

Top 100 Animated Earnings Top 100 Films Earnings

Long gone are the days wealthy investors were the suckers of Hollywood.

The Billion Dollar Club
Whether it’s major or independent studios productions, Pixar, DreamWorks, Illumination, Fox or Disney, these studios are not focused in animations by accident. A look at a few gross revenues figures show why animated movies attract savvy investors who finance several independent films productions, thus, by passing Hollywood's crude frauds. Every major hits rely on an appealing and strong storyline and anyone could recognize it:
— Lion King (remake) Record: $1.3 billion
— Frozen: $1.2 Billion
— Incredibles 2: $1.2 billion
— Minion: $1.1 billion
— Toy Story 3: $1 billion
— Despicable Me 3: $1 billion
— Finding Dory: $1 billion
— Zootopia: $1 billion

Considering the bad reviews the Lion King’s remake generated, it still managed to break records. Therefore, it wouldn’t be hard to fathom that the original version if released in today’s market could have hit the $2 billion mark in gross earnings.

Interested in Films Investments?
First and foremost, analyze past sales performances of similar movies you wish to invest on to forecast how your project could potentially perform. Forget the talents; actors, producers, directors, etc. rather focus on the storyline, the message and the genuine characterization of each part; from the hero to the villain. If done right, failure is eliminated from the equation and you’re simply contemplating how successful your movie could be at the box office.

Don't hesitate to Contact us to learn more about current projects in development.

Why are Animations More Lucrative?
Animated films create characters out of fine air, embellish them with a decent storyline, humor and drama to produce blockbusters at the box office. Although we could certainly recognize great creativity and as much as we’d like to claim they’re for kids, there isn’t any genius behind characters such as; talking minions, talking cars or talking peanuts. Claiming to be shocked that there’s an army of adults who passionately love animations would be comical. After all, there’s a little child inside each and every one of us. Now, go cry to mommy…

—“The Minions” generated $1.2 billion
—“Monsters University” generated $743.5 million
—“Car 2” generated $560.1 million
—“The Lego Movie“ generated $457.7 million
—“The Peanuts Movie” generated $250 million

Animated films are family oriented movies, thus, as silly as those topics might be, kids would drag their parents, family and friends to theaters. This is not the case for adult movies whether it’s; comedy, romance or horror films. Numbers Don’t Lie...

The Better Message, The Greater The Success
Granted an impeccable production is achieved, the difference of how successful a movie performs at the box office rest on the message of its story and how much the audience perceive it to be authentic. The worst the storyline, the lesser interest and revenue it generate.

—“Madagascar 3” generated $746.9 million
—“How to Train Your Dragon" generated $494.8 million
—“A Bug's Life” generated $363 million
—“Chicken Little” generated $310 million
—“Brother Bear” generated $250.3 million

What's The Message of our Movie

Earth Lovers, Be Dammed.
Suppose you were one and concede to the notion that every calamity mother earth suffers is directly caused by it tormenters in chief, Humans. Further, imagine as the wonderful creature that you are, were systematically exterminating another specie who incidentally was the “Sole” reason of your miserable existence on this planet. Meaning, if they go extinct, so would you… Would this message meet your highest expectations?

Ordained Masters of the Universe by the gods, our heroes seek to maintain peace, harmony and happiness among all creatures. However, they confront challenges and great adventures both in the animal kingdom and as they travel to counsel the king of humans in the wisdom of being good stewards of the earth.

Einstein predicted it would only take four years for humans to go extinct if this creature suddenly disappeared from the earth. Care to guess which creature we’re referring to? How much of their interesting myths and facts do you know? Unfortunately, they’re in the UN’s endangered species list facing a certain extinction threat. Yes, we’re talking about the “Honey Bees”! And yes, You are killing them, Human...

For the sake of argument, let’s assume producing a hilarious and inspiring movie’s not rocket science. What type of low life and low expectation being would you be to pick a movie such as; the Minions, Monsters University or Car, over a film just as interesting which dramatizes the demise of humanity? —Certainly, NOT You!:)

Why Invest in Independent Films.

Why Does Hollywood Gets a Bad Name?
Suppose you wish to royally screw a business partner and could justify it with fictitious high expenses. First, you’ve to make him/her sign a contract which explicitly stipulate he/she agrees with your accounting practices and should under no circumstance question it. After the fact, you exclaim; "We didn't turn profit, in fact we lost money"!

Hollywood doesn't mind signing contracts it doesn't plan to honor in the first place either with investors or big stars. Thanks to the miracle of Hollywood accounting, a studio may fairly claim that a huge hit hasn't actually turned a profit, lest they be forced to pay investors, stars, directors or writers the percentage of the earnings to which they may be contractually entitled.

Having suffered the brunt of those schemes in the 1980's, billionaires and Middle East royalties nowadays finance independent films through their own productions companies or private equity funds. If you've never invested in movies, you're missing out on great returns which would obliterate your Wall Street portfolio.

Cheaper Productions Cost Equals Higher Profits.
Independent films are always produced at a fraction of the cost of major studios’ big budgets but returns at times obliterate major studios’ or Wall Street’s returns on investments. Nowadays, billionaires and Middle Eastern royalties have their equity firms and mutual funds established to finance independent films’ productions or Print and Advertisement budgets for equity in those films.

Case Study.
The film “Get Out” by Jordan Peele cost $4.5 million to produce with an estimated $25 million for Print & Advertisement generating a gross return of $252,434,250 worldwide sales. It doesn’t take a mathematician to do the math and for savvy investors to know independent films are great opportunities to capitalize on. In fact, it’s common knowledge in the film industry that there are more funds available than there are good projects to finance.

Early investors.
Whether it’s Wall Street or commercially viable motion picture investments, the parallels are similar in several aspects. Seasoned investors identify opportunities quickly in order to be among the first investors, as they always enjoy better terms than late comers. Accustomed to carefully managing risks and realizing returns on investment, our investors are prepared to mitigate the risks inherent in film productions and reap the reward.

What Makes a Great Movie?

Pinpointing and understanding the reasons why a film was highly successful or an epic failure at the box office is crucial for future productions. It’s definitely not enough to assume that a good story is destined to translate into a huge success at the box office, as there are other factors which must be taken into consideration and properly executed to produce a successful movie.

The common denominator for animated films is; everything goes. However, substance is of the upmost importance. Equally important is the advertisement budget to program the masses and create hype around a movie. To reach a billion dollar in sales, major studios would not hesitate to fork 100 million dollars to promote a movie and thanks to dubious accounting, claim spending twice as much to get higher tax breaks.

Luckily for independent filmmakers,once you've produced your movie there are several financing firms available, even major studios themselves, ready to fund a large P&A budgets, if they believe in the film. Whether it’s $10 million or $100 million needed to push your film, don’t panic, many partners would step in. Focus on making the best movie possible and big money would come knocking at your door.

Even the Absurd could be Genius.
Mind you a lot of animations consist of fictional, absurd or simple geometric figures as characters for which audiences marvel at for their originality and crown their creators as “Geniuses”. Most of the hype surrounding those films, however, come from the “Expert Critics who review movies prior they come out. Would you be shocked to learn that they’re are in the pockets of major studios? No, you shouldn’t. This is all part of the show business!

Would you invest in a Disney’s film?
Of course, you would and rightfully so. With an expected billion dollar gross revenue as the norm, you’d have to be the luckiest person on the planet to be invited in such productions. Even if you did, this venture could quickly turn into a nightmare. Thanks to conning accounting, which you’ve to sign and agree to, investors are obligate to accept major studios' figures, no questions asked. Therefore, even a highly successful movie could easily be classified as a lose.

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