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Italian Grand Prix Paddock Club

When Standard Is Not The Norm, VIP's Access Strive For The Exquisite...
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Formula 1 Luxury Packages

VIP’s Access offers the ultimate hospitality during major sporting events around the world and the Formula One Grand Prix is among our biggest events each year. The Italian Formula 1 Monza Grand Prix is a favor event in the F1 Calender. Enjoy the best VIP experience with fantastic Pit areas, The Start/Finish line is from the Paddock Club. Combined with the finest dining, celebs meet and greet makes the Paddock Club an exclusive F1 hospitality.

  • Nurture and strengthen relationships with clients at exclusive facilities
  • Enhance your brand by associating it with the prestigious Formula One brand
  • Increase the impact of your business while entertaining clients during this event
  • Business opportunities through networking sessions with key decision-makers
  • Incentivise your staff by using the event as a reward to top performers
  • Enjoy unparalleled view of the F1 action with a truly personalised VIP experience

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Monza Grand Prix Paddock Club Hospitality

Watch the Formula One from the Paddock Club, and witness the F1
race unfold with all the drama that only the Formula One Grand Prix do
offer. The Paddock Club's a luxurious retreat situated right above the pit
lane, with visual access to everything that happens in the team garages
during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Every activity during pit stops is made in
view of the Paddock Club guests. Enjoy VIP access with closer proximity
to pilots and their team during the practice, qualifier and the race itself.
It is an experience in itself, observing the precision of tire's changes
operated in 2.5 seconds flat during pit stops while choreographed
by rival teams. The pit lane walk is a fantastic experience for
Paddock Club guests to get closer looks at Formula One
cars. The Paddock Club offers social connotations
as well, beside enjoying the finer things in life.
It offers a chance to mingle among the
top elites, celebrities and famous
individuals. Private parking,
VIP access express lane
entrance on arrival,
a Michelin 3 stars
dining menu.
Open bars
gracefully served to guests. The paddock also offers a whole
range of entertainment, leisure & Formula 1 simulator to VIP guests.
Monza Grand Prix Paddock Club Hospitality Price/Person
Friday, Saturday & Sunday Pass $5,590 USD
Saturday & Sunday Pass $4,750 USD

    Save up to €1,000 with a Group of 5 Travelers!
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    Milan VIP Hotels

Armani Hotel  armani

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Carlton Hotel Baglioni Carlton Hotel Baglioni

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Should rooms sell out from our online Milan VIP Hotel Collection, please Contact us for further assistance and to check availability through the secondary market.

    VIP Hotel Monza Grand Prix

The Four Seasons Milano  Four Seasons Milano

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The Boscolo Hotel Milano  Boscolo Hotel Milano

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    Luxury Hotel Italian F1

Park Hyatt Milan  Park Hyatt Milan

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Excelsior Hotel Gallia Excelsior Hotel Gallia

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    Monza F1 VIP Hotel Milan

Townhouse Galleria  Townhouse Galleria

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Hotel Magna Pars Hotel Magna Pars

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    Italian F1 Luxury Hotel

Michelangelo Hotel  Michelangelo Hotel

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Hotel Principe Di Savoia Hotel Principe Di Savoia

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    Italian Formula1 VIP Hotel

Château Monfort  Château Monfort

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Hotel Pierre Milano Hotel Pierre Milano

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    Save up to €4,000 with a Group of 20 Travelers!
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Monza Pit Lane Walk, Team Garages & F1 Paddock Club

Monza GP Paddock Club Privileges Italian GP Schedule
• Exclusive views of the race and Pit Stops views FRIDAY Sep 06
• Pit Lane Walks and Support Race VIP Access Practice 1: 10AM -11:30AM
• VIP Access to the Formula 1 Village Practice 2: 2:00PM -3:30PM
• Celebrities & F1 Driver appearances
• Transfer from tracks to the Paddock Club SATURDAY Sep 07
• VIP Parking upon request Practice 3: 11AM -12:00PM
• Open bar with Premium beverages Qualifying: 2:00 PM
• 4 Course Gourmet Meal & Morning Refreshments
• Official Program & Pair of Ear Plugs SUNDAY Sep 08
• F1 Simulators, Live Music & DJ Entertainment Race 2:00 PM

Italian F1 Paddock Club Privilege
Pit Lane Monza F1 Paddock Club
Italian Paddock Club Pit Stop Views monaco-harbor
Italian F1 Monza Paddock Club
Monza Grand Prix Circuit Map
Monza circuit

Shared Private Jet to Sporting Events

Enjoy flying aboard a shared private jet to fabulous destinations like; New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, San Francisco, Orlando or when attending major sporting events such as; The Super Bowl, The Masters, The UEFA Final, The Wimbledom or the Monaco F1 while only paying for your seat! Not the whole jet.
 gulfstream  gulfstream GV

Shared Private Jet PAY PER SEAT

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your stay at any hotel Worldwide. Once you have 10 nights stay
accumulated, redeem your FREE 1 Night on the next booking

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