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World's Top 20 Sexiest Destinations

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Top 20 Sexiest Must Visit Places Before You Die. Dead!

Important factors determining this list include: 1st Crazy Party Scenes,
2nd Great Scenaries and of course, 3rd The Chances of Scoring an action/s
whether with a special/not so special Friend while in town. Take your chances!

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 bankok Bangkok Luxury Hotels #20

Known for its most beautiful moon, thousands of tourist come to celebrate the Full Moon night. Bangkok offers great parties around the city each month, from the beach to clubs

View all Bangkok Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
Paris Paris Luxury Hotels #19

Visiting Paris and want to party? Clubs in Paris are a feast for the eyes as much as the ears. Parties going well into the next day, catering to every budge, style and taste

View all Paris Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 New York City New York City Luxury Hotels #18

The City that never sleeps hold that nickname for a reason, New York City has some of the wildest nightlife scenes with models and beautiful people from all over the world

View all New York Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 Punta Cana Punta Cana Luxury Hotels #17

Popular for its white beaches facing both the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean, Punta Cana has developed into a major & best tourist destination in the Caribbean to visit

View all Punta Cana Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 Berlin Berlin Luxury Hotels #16

With a "anything-goes" attitude party scene, Berlin's nightlife is the envy of most cities around the world. While in Europe is a must stop Berlin destination with plenty to offer

View all Berlin Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas Luxury Hotels #15

The party central of Los Cabos offer funky bars and clubs for the party animals. Enjoy dramatic landscapes with the turquoise waves of the Pacific at the tip of Baja California Sur

View all Cabo Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 ischia Ischia Luxury Hotels #14

This fabulous island near Capri, made famous in movies and a hideaway for celebs, may not crazy party scene but has great beaches and scenaries with a sense of La Dolce Vita

View all Ischia Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
trinidad Trinidad & Tobago Hotels #13

Whenever and wherever there is a fantastic carnival and beautiful women, chances are a lot of tourist will counted it among their top destinations, Trinidad is no exception

View all Trinidad Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 budapest cinetrip Budapest Luxury Hotels #12

Budapest, nicknamed the City of Baths, hold some of the best and largest spa baths in Europe. Enjoy crazy bath parties or romantic secluded baths while in this fantastic city

View all Budapest Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 Phuket Phuket Luxury Hotels #11

Comprised of 39 islands, Phuket is a lovely destintion with a great nightlife, shopping & a popular 2 mile long beach in Patong. Witness stunning sunset & surfing in Kalim

View all Phuket Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
Las Vegas Las Vegas Luxury Hotels #10

Sin City's need no introduction. Only your imagination is the limit. Crazy parties with delibarately loyal sinners accounts for incidents & activities soon to be forgoten or not

View all Vegas Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
camboriu Camboriu Luxury Hotels #9

With a very active nightlife and beaches the backdrops for parties, day or night, Camboriu is Brazil's answer to Ibiza, with secluded nudist beaches popular for tourists & locals

View all Camboriu Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
mykonos Mykonos Luxury Hotels #8

Mykonos is one of the sexiest places with amazing scenaries. Great nightlife is not to far while you can always retreat to wonderful seafront hotel and stay active all night long

View all Mykonos Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
Taj Exotica Resort & Spa The Maldives Luxury Hotels #7

The Maldives is the destination for those stuck in a "friend zone". Mention of this getaway, at a min, should earn you a second base action, promising that 1st is worth the wait

View all Maldives Hotels

5 star Hotel | No Smoking | Airport Shuttle
 Miami Miami Luxury Hotels #6

South Beach is the place to go, if enticed to the finest people showcasing their God given, or purchased, goodies to the rest of the humanity. Great nightlife & party scenes

View all Miami Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
ibiza Ibiza Luxury Hotels #5

If the craziest party scenes and the most beautiful specimen want to have fun, they go to Ibiza. When you combine great beaches & crazy nightlife, sex is not too far behind

View all Ibiza Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
amsterdam Amsterdam Luxury Hotels #4

Amsterdam famously know for its red-light district, make it one of the top destination in the world for those craving an insutiable sex appetit, sure to be satisfatied by any means

View all Amsterdam Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
cap d'agde Cap D'agde Luxury Hotels #3

3 Hours away from St. Tropez, this little town is a clothing free zone. Going shopping or to the bank completely naked is the norm. Better yet, the beach is a nudist's paradise

View all St. Tropez Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
Royal Tulip Rio Rio de Janeiro Luxury Hotels #2

Rio is the place if sexy need to be defined! The Carnival especialy is the time to hit to Copacabana Beach & marvel at the finest creatures graciously walking planete earth

View all Rio Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance
 negril Negril Luxury Hotels #1

Whenever nudism & swinging is the norm, they sure are about to be actions. Negril has entire beaches & resorts strictely welcoming the brave and free minded spirit among us

View all Negril Hotels

3-5 star Hotels | VIP Tours | Concierge Assistance

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